Farmers Market

Downtown State College

    Way Fruit Farm


Almost 135 years ago, Way Fruit Farm started with 1,000 apple trees. Today we provide:

Apples, 21 varieteis (mid-July through spring)
Peaches, 6 varieties (late July-September)
Strawberries (pick your own, mid June-early July)
Sweet Cherries (by order - already picked, early July)
Tart Cherries (pick your own or already picked, mid July)
Bartlett Pears (late August)
Sweet Plums (mid July-early September)
Sweet Corn (early mid July-early September)
Pumpkins (September-October)

In addition to fresh fruit we also have a variety of canned or processed fruits.

Our Processed Fruits include:

Sweet Apple Cider (100% Natural - No Additives, September - May, Unpasteurized)
Apple Butter (with sugar and spice or no sugar with spice)
Apple Sauce (with sugar and spice or no sugar with spice)
Dried Apples

We also carry Honey, canned peppers and many different kinds of preserves.